Nagham Choir is established in April 2019. It is funded by EU and Germany 

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Our Vision

In the past few years Jabal Mohsen and Bab El Tebeneh were exposed to a lot of social problems because of political conflicts. These conflicts led to a decrease in youth activities in the area. Youth between 14 and 25 years had no activities to devote themselves, in addition to the individual conflicts that these areas were witnessing and the intolerance of youth. This required creating places and opportunities for youth where they can express themselves through arts.
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    Musical Objectives To introduce and promote collective singing to the society in the targeted area through members by learning and non-members by watching. And to spread Arabian music heritage between Youth.

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    Social Objectives Members acquire social values such as team work, time management, equality, responsibilities, accepting the other…

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    Psychological Objectives This kind of activities are a kind of emotional release, they will encourage the participants, increase their self-confidence and enhance their capacities.

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#Nagham Choir is part of #UDP_NL. #UDP_NL is implemented by #GIZ in partnership with @Fayhachoir and #MoSA . It is co-financed by @EuinLebanon and Germany @GermanEmbassyBeirut