The Project

The choir participants should be:

  • Youth from the age group of 14 to 30 years old.
  • From Tebeneh and Jabal Mohsen (with an exception of 20% who can be from surrounding area to the targeted community).
  • Gender balanced (maintaining a minimum of 40% female participation).

Through collective singing, participants will experience the true meaning of team work, because it is not about one person it is about the whole team, everyone will sacrifice for the benefits of the team. Members will help each other’s to lift the level of the team and that’s what Nagham Choir participants will do.

In general Lebanon passed through a lot of cumulated social conflicts starting from the civil war to different internal clashes ex: Tebeneh and Jabal Mohsen fights, In the past few years the T5 region was exposed to a lot of social problems resulting from political conflicts. These conflicts led to a decrease in youth activities, were youth between 14 and 25 years had no affordable activities they can enroll in to accomplish sense of self fulfillment and get an open exchange with other youth from different areas. this factor made the youth isolate, intolerant, and vulnerable to be involved in clashes and increased the instability in the area.

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#Nagham Choir is part of #UDP_NL. #UDP_NL is implemented by #GIZ in partnership with @Fayhachoir and #MoSA . It is co-financed by @EuinLebanon and Germany @GermanEmbassyBeirut