Tima Meraaby

I still remember the 1st time I attended the Choir’s rehearsals and had passed the voice audition..it was a turning point in my life.. I participated because I have a little old passion for music since I was a little girl and I’ve always been shy and scared to say it and to actually start practicing something I find my heart fit in perfectly.. so for me it was a challenge especially that I’m not from a place that supports the Art world.. I was challenging my fear from not being good enough and the fear of others reaction when they know that I decided to follow my heart.. I still remember every time my heart pounded so hard when I had to sing.. I’m happy that I took the step to get out of my comfort zone and so grateful to be a part of this absolutely beautiful and inspiring team..
The maestro have always been so welcoming and supportive since day 1 which gave me a warm feeling of being accepted in this place and kept me going even with massive fear in my heart.. he always push us forward and help us out with improving more and more every rehearsal.. nagham choir is a place where I can have a mental break out of the outside and inside chaos.. a place full of hopes, positive, friendly and inspiring vibes.